Venture Creation

Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship...   the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.

-Peter Drucker

In recent years, while many industrialized nations have experienced difficult and disruptive economic contractions and inhibited growth, vibrant emerging Asian Rim, African and Latin American economies have created dynamic opportunities for market entry and explosive growth. While not without risk and challenges, these economies offer exceptional circumstances for astute, agile and well-connected entrepreneurs to generate extraordinary investment outcomes.

Projects International’s approach to its sponsored venture creation projects follows a process similar to the Venture Capital model of envisioning, planning and executing; i.e., Seed, Incubate, Beta Test, Model, Replicate, Incrementally Capitalize, Scale, Manage Growth, Exit/Sustain.

Projects International remains tightly focused on business sectors where the collective expertise of it principals provides sector specific knowledge and pertinent relationships, including:  Agriculture/Aquaculture; Natural Resources, Energy Efficiency, Medical Systems; Real Estate Acquisition and Development; and Technology Transfer.